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Nomad Adventures


We’ve been getting all sorts of positive feedback on our Nomad tires lately. ¬†We just got a very cool email from Joe Ball about his adventures on his 45c Nomads.
“I just wanted to send my compliments on your Resist Nomad Tires. I ordered a pair from City Grounds in May 2011 and mounted them on my Surly Long Haul Trucker for my Summer 2011 adventures. They have worked great. I’ve put close to 500 miles on them including multiple camping trips and a mixed terrain ride over two mountain passes to travel half way across Washington State. There large volume, light weight, smooth tread 700c tire was exactly what I had longed for but been unable to find. Most smooth light tires stopped at 35mm width; fatter touring or commuter tires are chock full of weight and flat resistant layers and feel dead; and nice 29er tires have more tread than I needed. So when I saw the 45mm Nomad I was anxious to try it. So far I have only had one flat and that was from a sliver of glass when riding at night in the rain in the city.” – Joe Ball

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