Our main influence is from BMX but as we all got older our interests started to drift to other types of bicycles. Fixed, commuters, 26” BMX, road and MTB’s. You name it, we’ll ride it! What we learned is that every bike we rode we treated it as a BMX bike. We always looked at each bike with a BMX spin. Whether it be a commuter or fixed gear bike, it always had our BMX parts on it. And of course we jumped and crashed them just like any of our 20” bikes too. Last year it hit us to start a parts brand for those exact needs, for those guys like us that want to put BMX influenced parts on their “adult” sized bikes to take the abuse. Through the months to come, you’ll definitely see a lot more of what we have in store. We want to also welcome all questions, opinions and criticism at info(at)resistparts.com. We definitely want to hear from you guys on what you want from your parts. Your feedback means everything to us.